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Clarkson Valley stop light lawyers work on behalf of individuals who received a ticket for failing to stop for a red light. Running a red light is a moving violation and results in demerit points on a driver's record as well as a monetary fine. The page offers information on the benefits of hiring a Clarkson Valley stop light lawyer to work on your behalf, including details about the future ramifications of a stop light charge and the ways in which hiring a lawyer may be of benefit to you.

In Missouri and throughout the country, state traffic laws require that drivers obey and stop for traffic signals on the road. One of the most common ways drivers violate this law is by running a stop light. Running a stop light results in a moving violation charge. Clarkson Valley stop light tickets result in a penalty fine as well as the accumulation of points against the driver's record.

Any type of moving violation, including a stop light ticket, can have a significant impact on your future as a driver. Therefore, it is vital that you take action to have the charge amended or resolved if at all possible. Above all, drivers who have received a moving violation of any kind should be warned not to ignore the charge. In an extreme situation, failing to appear at a scheduled court date can result in a driver being arrested. At a minimum, neglecting to pay the fee associated with a Clarkson Valley stop light ticket can result in your penalty fee being sent to a debt collector and can harm your credit score.

The majority of drivers do not receive traffic tickets on a regular basis, and when they do, they assume that the most responsible and the simplest way to resolve the ticket is to accept the charge and pay the associated fine. What doesn't occur to many is that paying the fine is equivalent to accepting guilt for the charge, which means the charge will become a part of the driver's record. In the state of Missouri, moving violations lead to the accumulation of points against the driver's record. Points on a driver's record have two significant repercussions; first, any amount of points can result in an increase in your auto insurance premiums. Secondly, points on a driver's record pose a risk for license suspension. If enough points build up in too short a time from one or more traffic violation, the license will automatically be subject to suspension. Simply paying a Clarkson Valley stop light ticket may cost drivers significant sums of money and even the privilege to drive in future years.

There are different ways a Clarkson Valley stop light lawyer may be helpful to your situation. First, we aim to reduce the time and money our clients invest in resolving their tickets. We also help drivers avoid making court appearances. We remove harmful points from our clients' driving records in order to protect the privilege to drive. As a leading traffic ticket law firm in Clarkson Valley, we have a high level of success at achieving ticket amendments and reductions for our clients. Hiring legal representation to work on your behalf to have a ticket reduced, amended or otherwise adjusted has long lasting benefits.

Joining a growing trend throughout the nation, many stop lights in our city now are equipped with red light cameras positioned to catch drivers running red lights. These automated systems include one or more cameras, a trigger and a computer. One or more cameras are mounted on a pole several feet high at each corner, positioned in a way to document the image of the driver, the car and the license plate as the car moves through the intersection. Theoretically, when a driver runs a red light the trigger is tripped and the camera takes an image of the car and or the driver. The computer stores information about the photograph, such as the date and time when it was taken. These cameras are increasingly being used in cities because red light running has been steadily on the rise in past decades.  This increased trend has resulted in higher numbers of serious traffic accidents and property damage. Red light cameras are believed to increase safety and potentially save lives.

However, red light cameras are not infallible. At times, a driver is supposedly documented running a red light when in fact they were not even in their vehicle at the time the image was taken. One car could be mistaken for another, or the trigger could be tripped accidentally during a green light. We represent clients who have received tickets for running a red light regardless of the circumstances. The consequences of having a moving violation on your record can be serious and there is no reason not to challenge any ticket you receive. We have even represented drivers who were driving their vehicles when a camera allegedly documented their car running a red light. If this is your circumstance, contact our firm to learn how we can help. Neglecting to argue a charge you have received may have unexpected ramifications down the road, such as increases in auto insurance premiums and license suspension.

There are multiple ways a driver may run a red light, and there are also a variety of circumstances that may be taking place at the time. For example, drivers may run a red light as they attempt to sneak through on a yellow and the light changes at the last moment. Or there may be slippery road conditions that may stopping for the light impossible or unsafe. Turning right at a red light is legal in some locations and circumstances, but in others this practice is banned. A driver may run a red light accidentally because they are distracted, or mistakenly as a result of bad visibility or a poorly designed intersection. In some cases, drivers choose to run stop lights on purpose because of an emergency situation.

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