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Drivers charged for driving without a valid license due to suspension or revocation in the state of Missouri rely on the services of our Gladstone driving while suspended lawyers in order to amend or reduce the severity of their charge. Driving while suspended is a misdemeanor, except in extreme cases of repeat offenses, when it can become a felony. Among the most severe of the charges that may be issued related to non-violent traffic violations, Gladstone driving while suspended charges remain on a driver's record permanently. This page explains how a Gladstone driving while suspended charge can affect a driver over the long term and outlines the benefits of hiring a Gladstone driving while suspended lawyer to work on your behalf.

If you are caught driving an automobile and you do not have a valid driver's license, you will be charged with driving while suspended. Simply put, if your license has been suspended or revoked for any reason and has not yet been legally reinstated, you cannot operate a vehicle under any circumstance. This applies to both ordinary and commercial driver's licenses. Your license may have been suspended in relation to a previous traffic charge such as DWI, or because you accumulated too many points on your record for a serious of minor traffic violations. There are a number of other circumstances that can result in license suspension such as failure to appear at a scheduled court date, neglecting to pay a traffic ticket fee, or missing the payment of legally-mandated child support.

Regardless of the reason your license has been suspended or revoked, you may not drive until your license has been officially reinstated. In some cases, drivers are issued provisionary licenses to drive to necessary engagements such as work or school, but these temporary permits come with strict rules that must be observed. If you have been issued a provisionary license and are caught driving for a reason other than the permitted activities, you can also be issued a driving while suspended ticket. Our lawyers have a depth of knowledge when it comes to the causes of driver's licenses suspensions in Gladstone, and are equipped with proven strategies to have your license reinstated and your ticket amended or minimized regardless of your circumstance.

Driving While Suspended - a Serious Charge Requiring a Serious Lawyer

Most traffic charges are automatically removed from a driver's record after a given period of time has lapsed and any requirements of reinstatement such as driver education courses or payment of a reinstatement fee have been completed. Driving while suspended is one exception to that practice; this misdemeanor charge will never be removed from a driver's record once the period of time to appeal the charge has passed. In other words, a single charge will remain upon and impact a driver's record for the remainder of their years driving if no action is taken to dispute the charge during the allotted appeal period. Time is of the essence when choosing a driving while suspended lawyer in Gladstone to represent your case. Hiring a lawyer is the best way to achieve amendment or reduction of a damaging charge.

Paying the penalty fee associated with a ticket or traffic infraction is the equivalent of accepting guilt for the charge. Once that action is taken, the charge will be entered onto the driver's driving record and points will be added to their record. The charge may have negative impacts for years to come, and may result in a lifelong auto insurance increase. Of all the charges a driver may incur, a Gladstone driving while suspended charge is the one that most typically causes car insurance rates to rise. Drivers also find that this charge can result in heavier fines and an increase in the amount of time one's license is suspended or revoked. The points accumulated as a result of a first time or repeat driving while suspended charge can put a driver's license at risk in the future. Initial driving while suspended tickets can result in a misdemeanor charge, but too many charges can lead to a felony conviction. This litany of consequences can be avoided by promptly hiring a lawyer to work on your behalf to amend or reduce your charge.

For most traffic violations, the record of receiving a ticket stays on a driver's record for a set period of time and then is automatically removed through no further action. Gladstone driving while suspended tickets, however, are not like most other tickets in that they remain a permanent part of a driver's record; to get such a charge removed or downgraded, it is necessary to engage the services of a lawyer. Time is of the essence in getting these charges amended. This fact alone makes it essential that persons who have been charged with driving while suspended in Gladstone promptly consult with a lawyer.

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