Herculaneum Minor in Possession Lawyer - Defending Minor in Possession Charges in Herculaneum

Our Experienced Herculaneum Minor in Possession Attorneys Provide Comprehensive Defense for Persons Charged with Minor in Possession in Herculaneum

Our Herculaneum minor in possession lawyers provide legal advocacy for drivers who are facing a Minor in Possession (MIP) charge in order to amend a charge to reduce the severity of consequences experienced by the driver. This is a criminal charge, and as such it can have significant negative results for a young driver for some time to come if left unopposed. This page offers information for young people facing criminal charges for minor in possession, including the potential dangers of a charge on one's record and the benefits of hiring a Herculaneum minor in possession lawyer to work on your behalf.

One of the most common mistakes made by drivers who receive a minor in possession charge is the failure to take the charge seriously. Minor in possession is a criminal charge and is registered on one's criminal record as a misdemeanor. Minor in possession can be issued to any person under the age of 21 who is found to be in possession of alcohol. Possessing alcohol while driving a vehicle or being under the influence of alcohol by a person under the age of 21 also falls under the same charge. The name of the charge is largely misleading: the charge applies to persons under the age of 21, yet in most states, minors are limited to persons under the age of 18. Alcohol laws and their enforcement fall to the states, so penalties can vary from one state to another for the same charge.

We urge minor drivers and their families to form a thorough understanding of the charge itself and the ramifications it may have for their individual circumstances. Minor in possession is a significant charge that should be considered carefully as it can affect a young person's life in numerous unexpected ways, including but not limited to impacting the future privilege to drive, establishing or adding to a criminal record, and even jeopardizing college, military and employment applications. This is a criminal charge and goes onto one's record as a misdemeanor. However, this is a serious enough charge than many institutions will not even consider an applicant whose record contains it. A Herculaneum minor in possession charge can be issued to drivers who are younger than 21 found to be in possession of alcohol while driving a car. In addition to possessing alcohol while driving, a minor in possession charge may also be issued to young drivers for other alcohol-related circumstances. Other situations that may lead to a young driver receiving this charge include:

Purchasing or attempting to purchase any intoxicating liquor.

Possessing any intoxicating liquor.

Being visibly intoxicated.

Having a blood alcohol content level of more than .020 percent.

If you have been charged with minor in possession in Herculaneum, you may be facing the revocation or suspension of your license in addition to a penalty fee. A first charge typically results in a thirty day suspension. Repeat charges garner longer revocations: the second charge sets off a ninety day revocation, and the third results in the loss of driving privileges for the entirety of a year. After the allotted time has elapsed, drivers' license reinstatement occurs only when the offender pays a reinstatement fee and can demonstrate proof of having completed an approved Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP).

A Herculaneum minor in possession charge remains on one's record for a significant length of time. In order to have the charge removed, the individual must be over the age of 21. Additionally, the charge can only be removed after a five year period has passed following license reinstatement. By the time this charge can be removed, it has already has serious detriment effects on a young person's life and opportunities.

Losing one's driving privilege can be a simple inconvenience for some drivers, while for others it may be a significant hardship. If you rely on driving to get to work or school, losing your license for any period of time poses a challenge to your way of life. In some cases, you may be able to obtain a Limited Driving Privilege license in order to drive for such necessary reasons as school, work, or to reach a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program. However, loss of one's license may be entirely avoided by hiring a Herculaneum minor in possession lawyer to challenge the charge.

Making mistakes is part of growing up, but the penalties attached to Herculaneum minor in possession charges seem to be a particularly harsh way to teach a young person a lesson. Left unopposed, this charge becomes a part of the young person's criminal record. Unfortunately, having such a charge on one's record can have negative effects on a person's life for years into the future, even impacting a person's entire life and career path. Merely having a criminal record, even if said record lists only this solitary misdemeanor, can prevent a young person from being admitted to college, and can lead to rejections from jobs and the military. In other words, this single misdemeanor can wipe out many of the opportunities for our young people to start a life. Our Herculaneum minor in possession lawyers offer legal representation to young people and their families to remove harmful charges and eliminate criminal records. Failing to oppose a minor in possession charge can have significant and unexpected consequences for years down the road.

As forefront minor in possession lawyers in Herculaneum, our team is dedicated to providing each client with the careful committed individual attention their case deserves. We are aware of the long term impacts of this charge on a young person's future. It is our goal to achieve the removal or reduction of charges as a means to preserve young people's options for success.

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