Pleasant Hill Speeding Ticket Lawyer - Defending Speeding Ticket Charges in Pleasant Hill

Our Experienced Pleasant Hill Speeding Ticket Attorneys Provide Comprehensive Defense for Drivers Charged with Speeding Ticket in Pleasant Hill

Our Pleasant Hill speeding ticket lawyers represent drivers who have been issued a moving violation for speeding. Within this page, read about how a ticket can impact your driving record over time, how to avoid hidden costs associated with such a charge, and why hiring a Pleasant Hill speeding ticket lawyer to represent you may actually be the most responsible and cost-effective choice for many drivers.

It is a frequent and common misconception that speeding tickets are minor violations that do not require legal help to resolve. Many motorists believe the most responsible course of action is to accept guilt for the charge and pay the fee without question. The danger of such thinking is that multiple charges can cause unexpected ramifications, resulting in increases in auto insurance rates and even jeopardizing a driver's license for a period of time. The most prudent action is to challenge each charge and ticket in the short window of time that an appeal is permitted, in order to protect one's license and driving record in the long term. Failure to do so can be a regrettable mistake.

Tickets for speeding can be issued to any driver who has allegedly been driving 5 or more miles per hour above the posted speed limit. Pleasant Hill speeding tickets result in a fine as well as the assignment of demerit points against the driver's record. The faster a driver was going, or specifically the more their speed exceeds the posted limit, determines the severity of the fine. Speeding in construction zones or other specially-marked areas can result in much higher penalties than in typical circumstances. Road construction areas are subject to particularly high fines and even jail time due to the risk speeding poses to highway workers.

Police officers and state patrol officers pull drivers over for speeding at high and low speeds, in urban and rural areas, on all types of roads. Speed traps on major roadways are a common way that drivers receive speeding tickets. Squad cars working together park in strategic places to measure passing drivers' speeds with the use of a radar gun. An officer who clocks a driver speeding will likely radio the message to another car parked ahead on the road that will then pull the driver over. Radar guns are not always reliable; in fact, they must be calibrated on a regular basis in order to assure accuracy. Radar guns that are not properly calibrated can register an inaccurate speed, as can radar guns in use while the officer's vehicle is moving. Sometimes speed is also clocked by helicopter or an automated radar system. In any case, there is always room for mistakes when it comes to clocking drivers' speed.

For any speeding ticket or moving violation, paying the associated fine without first challenging the charge is the equivalent of admitting guilt for the charge. The charge will be recorded on your personal driving record, and will cause you to accumulate points against your record. When too many points add up, drivers may face license suspension. Points that accumulate rapidly can cause a license to be revoked or suspended for months or even years. Points also given auto insurance companies reason to raise their rates. In other words, bear in mind that the cost of a traffic ticket is far more than just the initial penalty associated with the charge. Getting a single speeding ticket can result in a permanent increase in your auto insurance premiums. Consult with our Pleasant Hill speeding ticket lawyers to learn about how we can have your charge reduced to a non-moving violation, which does not incur points and typically involves a reduced fine.

Do not automatically assume that you are guilty for a charge just because you have been pulled over by a police officer. Police officers typically have quotas to reach when it comes to issuing traffic tickets in order to ensure income for their department. Particularly in difficult economic times, police forces rely on income from ticket penalties to meet their budgets. Whether you think you were in fact speeding or not, if you choose to hire a Pleasant Hill speeding ticket lawyer to represent you, the charge will likely be amended or dropped.

No matter if a driver has received a traffic charge for the first time or subsequent offense, savvy drivers call on the services of Pleasant Hill speeding lawyers to have the ticket reduced on their permanent record if possible. We offer experienced and successful litigators who can achieve a reduction or amendment on almost any type of traffic ticket. Reducing a moving violation to a non-moving violation is advantageous because it avoids the accumulation of detrimental points. Even if you have received only your first charge, it is wise to challenge the ticket in order to reduce or eliminate potential points that could result in a later suspension or increase in auto insurance premiums.

Hiring a lawyer to represent your legal interests can save valuable time and money, eliminate stress, and provide a vital safeguard to your driver's license. By methodically working to reduce charges on behalf of our clients, we keep driver's records clean and prevent future license suspension. We believe that each of our clients deserves personalized attention; our team of lawyers is dedicated to working on behalf of each of our clients to have harmful charges reduced or eliminated. To understand how we can help you, please refer to the FAQs page. Additionally, because we are aware that each case is unique, we are available to answer your individual questions personally. Please contact our Pleasant Hill speeding ticket lawyer office for a free, no-obligation consultation.