Traffic Law Attorneys - How We Can Help

Our Experienced Traffic Attorneys Fight Tickets, DWI, Driving While Suspended/Revoked Charges and More

In our years working as litigators, we have been surprised to find that many, if not most drivers are not aware of the hidden or long term expenses that may result from an undisputed ticket. Accepting blame for a traffic charge and allowing it be recorded on one's personal driving record can lead to license suspension, increases in auto insurance premiums, denial for college admittance, and even the loss of one's job. We believe that good people can make mistakes and that everyone deserves a second chance. In some cases, the penalties connected with traffic violations far exceed the initial infraction. We work to protect the rights of drivers by getting harmful charges downgraded or amended to lesser ones.

As leading traffic ticket lawyers, we make it our primary goal to dispute traffic tickets in order to reduce the time, money and hassle our clients spend resolving such charges. We are effective at limiting court appearances, getting harmful points removed from our clients' driving records, and achieving reduction of charges and penalties faced by most of our clients. Unlike other firms who robotically employ a formulaic strategy to their traffic ticket cases, we are committed to providing individualized services to each of our clients in order to achieve the best possible outcome for their circumstances. Taking into account a driver's past driving record, life circumstances, and the individual details of their case, we are able to devise a strategy to best serve each client's needs. Our entire practice is rooted in a belief that each client deserves the committed attention of a skilled lawyer in order to attain the best resolution for their case.

Neglecting to hire a lawyer to dispute a traffic ticket is a common regret of drivers. Many drivers wait until they experience the consequences of a traffic charge before seeking out a lawyer, approaching our firm for assistance after many key deadlines have passed for disputing a charge. The worst thing a driver can do is to ignore the charge entirely. Failure to resolve tickets can lead to larger fines, spikes in auto insurance rates, and even license suspension for missing a court date. If you find yourself facing difficult circumstances as a result of ignoring a traffic charge or failing to dispute it in a timely manner, contact our lawyers to learn what we can do to improve your situation. We offer free, no-obligation consultations to persons facing DWI charges in St. Louis. We specialize in having our clients' fines and penalties amended or reduced, along with establishing license reinstatement in a rapid manner.

While a better option than ignoring a DWI charge, paying the associated fine and accepting blame for the charge can also result in unwanted and surprisingly harsh consequences for drivers. Failure to dispute one or more traffic tickets can have a negative effect on a driver's record for years to come. Many drivers share a common misconception that accepting a charge and paying the fine promptly is the most efficient and responsible method to resolve a traffic charge. In this way, responsible drivers who simply made a mistake may suffer for years to come. The presence of even a single DWI charge will damage a driver's record indefinitely. The most severe traffic violations will never be eligible for removal from the driver's record but instead remain a permanent part of it. Moving violations provide car insurance companies with justification to increase your car insurance rates, and can incur harmful points on your driving record that may later jeopardize your access to having a driver's license.

Other drivers hold a belief that traffic charges are difficult to dispute. This belief often originates from anecdotal stories people overhear from drivers who have attempted to dispute their tickets on their own. Hiring an experienced law firm to work on your behalf will bring about an improvement in circumstances for almost any ticket. Our firm is well-versed in the various types of traffic charges and penalties faced by drivers, and have extensive experience representing clients with overlapping penalties from multiple charges.